College of Physical Education, Taiyuan University of Technology(TYUT), was founded in August 2004.The college has three functional divisions: General Affairs Office, Teaching & Research Office and Student Affairs Office, and three major subsidiaries: Physical Education Department, Public Physical Education Department and Competition Training Department, mainly to undertake organizing, teaching, training and competition tasks of physical education, public physical education, high-level sports team and mass physical education.

The college currently has 88 teaching and administrating staff, including 79 full-time teachers and researchers,4 professors, 32 associate professors,8 doctors, 45 masters and 13 supervisors. The college has a strong teaching staff, including senior experts, enjoying the national government subsidies, famous teachers at the provincial level, national athletes with unique professional characteristics, technical lecturers of FIFA referees and national professional coaches of AFC.

For years, the college teachers and students carry forward the spirit of “Tenacious struggle, courageously strive for the lead, unite and cooperate”. It has made remarkable achievements in party building, teaching and research, league study, and construction of high-level sports teams, making outstanding contributions to the rapid and harmonious leaping development of the college. Two teachers of the college were awarded “national excellent teacher”, one teacher was awarded “provincial famous teacher”, “advanced educator of Shanxi Province”, and many teachers were awarded “provincial model of three educators”, “provincial excellent head teacher”, “national excellent coach” and other honorary titles. The college has won a number of honorary titles, such as “excellent university for carrying out the university sports work”, “advanced unit for national student physique monitoring”, “advanced unit for education, management and service in Shanxi Province”, “advanced grass-roots unit for the construction of teachers’ ethics and style in colleges and universities in Shanxi Province”,etc.

In recent years, under the guidance of the characteristics of “people-oriented, cultural and sports as the boat, bearing morality and wisdom, and all-round development”, the college has found a successful way to establish first-class sports in the university of science and engineering. “Sports human body science” was rated as provincial key supported discipline; The public physical education has won the first place in the PE teaching work evaluation organized by Shanxi Province. The physical education discipline obtained “excellent” in the provincial professional evaluation; In the evaluation of undergraduate teaching students, the teachers of the college are among the best in the teaching evaluation of basic course, compulsory courses, elective courses and public elective courses, and they are well received by all the students. Scientific research has come from behind, and the college has successively undertaken more than 100 research projects at or above the provincial level and published more than 100 papers in core journals. The college has won one second prize of national teaching achievements, one special prize of teaching achievements in Shanxi Province, two first prizes and four second prize; one second prize of Shanxi Provincial science and technology progress award; and has published more than 500 SCI, EI and other high-level papers, and more than 100 textbooks in the 11thand 12thfive-year plans. The postgraduate education has developed rapidly from scratch. At present, the college has the right to confer the first-level discipline of physical education and the master’s degree of physical education. The monitoring work of students’ physique has been continuous for more than 30 years. Based on this, the research results are remarkable.

The construction of high-level sports teams in the college has made remarkable achievements. The teams represented by the college men’s basketball team have won gold and silver MEDALS in national competitions and achieved remarkable achievements despite the strong hands and tenacious efforts. The men’s basketball team of the university is the only team in China that has entered the last eight of the CUBA league for 18 consecutive sessions, won the champion of the northwest division for 16 times, and is known as the “king of the northwest”. The team has won the national championship twice in 2010 and 2012. In 2015, Wang Hong participated in the world university games on behalf of China. With the men’s football team winning the CUFL national championship in 2017, our college has become the only one in China to win the national championship in both basketball and football. The men’s football team of the university won the second place of the national university football league three times in 2006,2010 and 2011, and the third place of the national university football championship twice in 2007 and 2008. Guo Yuan, the team member, and the selected Chinese university football team represented China at the 2011 world university games. For many years, the women’s basketball team of our college has won the silver medal of the 6thCUBA national games, the champion of the northwest division twice, the second place of the women’s volleyball team in the national university games, the athletes of martial arts, swimming, track and field, life regimen and so on have all won the champion in the international and national sports competitions. The college men’s basketball team, men’s football team, women’s volleyball team and martial arts team have won the honorary titles of “May 4thYouth Award of Shanxi Province”, “Top Ten Youth Demonstration Group of Shanxi Province”, “Youth Commando team of Shanxi Province”, “Special Contribution Award of Universiade” and so on. In 2017, our college won the highest honor of college sports work-President’s cup in the 13thstudent sports meeting of the People’s Republic of China, which is a veritable sports team of Chinese universities.

The College of Physical Education, Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT), will give full play to the irreplaceable educational function of physical education to foster virtue through education, and take it as its mission to improve personality, build a strong body and inherit culture. Based on the development goal of “profound foundation, wide employment, strong capacity and concerned application”, physical education major should be emphasized. To vigorously strengthen the construction of teachers and hardware and software facilities for the protection of the college to build into a distinctive, well-known, and provincial first-class sports college.

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